Donnie Darko, born January 16, 1996, is a professional tattoo artist with years of experience in the tattoo industry. In 2016, he officially embarked on his career in the Tattoo & Piercing world. His artistic ability is distinguished by the precision of detail. Donnie Darko is committed to fully understanding the requests of its customers, transforming their ideas into meaningful and long-lasting tattoos. His dedication to artistic excellence is evident in every work he creates.

In addition to his mastery of drawing and tattoo technique, Donnie Darko stands out for his professional approach and the creation of a comfortable and safe environment in the studio. Its priority is to ensure a positive and satisfying experience for every customer.
With an innovative artistic vision and a constant commitment to perfecting his skills, Donnie Darko continues to emerge as a figurehead in the world of tattoos, offering works of art that go beyond expectations and leave an indelible imprint on the skin and in the souls of those who choose its services.